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Alieshia takes New Orleans: Essence Festival 25th anniversary

Hey y’all! My name is Alieshia from AlieshiasAdventures & I am so extcited tobe the very first FlyyGirl of the month! I love to travel, so I am SUPER happy to be sharing my experiences with the FlyyFam and the world!

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Hey y’all I am so glad to be the FlyyGirl of the month. My dream finally came true, I got to attend the Essence Festival for its 25th year anniversary. Every time I travel somewhere I mix culture, history and events.

The first event I went to was essence in the park this was July 4th and it is free.

If you never been to New Orleans you should go! When I go places I like to see the culture, history and go to events. That’s just what I did on this trip!

Alieshia takes New Orleans

My first day I went to Essence in the Park and a day party at Razzos on bourbon street. (For free)

This was fun exploring bourbon street make sure you check out my vlog for more sneak peeks of the adventures.

The next day I went and paid homage to my ancestors at a plantation called Oak Valley about 1 hour away. I seen the plantation house my ancestors built and also

their living situations. (The strength and courage they had)

These are just some of the pictures I took from that experience. It was eye opening and a tear jerker to say the least. Although some empowering they knew we were powerful that’s why they didn’t want us to read and write but look at us now!!!

(Our ancestors wildest dreams)

Later on that night I went to Culture Park and has some fun listening to music, playing games and eating.

This is a known park in New Orleans and it has a bar on the outside and a dance floor in the inside.

This was fun, I go to finally here Caribbean music and hang out with some cool people.

The next day I went to a brunch event with my girls

from black girl pod and they had a live recording show.

We discussed everything and it was small and intimate. Sponsored by the good brunch and the food was shrimp and grits and chicken and waffles.

(Fan girl)

Later on I was finally able to go to convention center. It was so many stages and people but it was amazing

to see everyone being together and soaking up all the black magic.

If this wasn’t a full day I also went on a swamp tour and I held an alligator. I was so nervous but I did it I learned about the bayou seen alligator, swamps and more.

AlieshiasAdventures took over New Orleans and I hope to see you there next year. Please make sure you subscribe to my channel. (AlieshiasAdventures)

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Stay adventurous and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel Alieshiasadventures.

I also have a podcast called Millennial Thoughts where we discuss different things that affect us in society make sure to check it out on iTunes, anchor, stitcher or google play.

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