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Sia Nyorkor, AnchorBae &Forever FlyyGirl

It was a literal dream come true when I interviewed Sia Nyorkor, news reporter from CBS affiliate Channel 19 in Cleveland. Meeting her was like being reunited with my long lost big sister; we are alike in so many ways and I learned SO MUCH from her! Watch the video below to see us gab about everything from her rise to fame, Gabby Douglas & Oprah Winfrey, "Good Hair", popular fashion and makeup trends, and how to motivate and push yourself to greatness!

Sia works as a Reporter & Multimedia Journalist for the CBS affiliate in Cleveland, Ohio. Her beat is general assignment and she covered the Cleveland Cavaliers' historic championship, the Republican National Convention, the 2016 Presidential election in the "Buckeye" state and the 2016 World Series.


Sia is an "A-block" Multimedia Journalist who regularly leads the newscast. She shoots, reports, writes, edits & produces content for all platforms including tv, radio & digital. Her work has earned her a NY Emmy, a CINE Golden Eagle, a Humane Society Genesis Award & several Mid-Atlantic & Suncoast Emmy nominations, respectively.

In 2008 Sia was NJ Correspondent for MTV News' Choose or Lose team: 1 of 51 journalists covering the US presidential election. She blogged, vlogged, tweeted & produced content for all of MTV's platforms from right out of her backpack. The initiative earned her team a Community Service Campaign Emmy from the National Academy of Arts & Sciences. Sia has also appeared on TV One Fatal Attraction, Oxygen Snapped and Discovery ID Grave Mysteries to discuss her news reports

In 2005 Sia shot a half-hour documentary, Liberian Democracy: A Journey Back Home, that aired on PBS stations across the US. The film chronicled the experiences of meeting her relatives for the first time & coverage of the historic presidential election of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the first female head of state in Africa. It is easily the most significant piece I've worked on in my short career for one reason: bridging both my personal & professional lives.

To contact SIA look up @TVNewsLady" on all #SocialMedia platforms, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter even Myspace! She is very down to earth and eager to connect! Check out the video below to watch our interview!

Thanks Again Sia for your time!

The FlyyFam wishes you nothing but success in your future endeavors!



"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

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