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Beach day with Melvin Brewing

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

It’s snowing outside now, but summer will be here before we know it! One of my favourite summer activities is to go to the beach and I wanted to make sure that my FlyyFam has all the essentials to make that summer beach trip a blast. Location, food & drink can make or break a beach trip, so today’s post will focus on those things specifically.


Before you decide to embark on your beach trip, first you should know which beach you are going to. Is it a tourist beach with a boardwalk where you can get food or drinks? Is it a secluded beach where you need to make sure you have everything before you go? Is the heat unbearable? Will you need to bring beach chairs or umbrellas or can you get by with just a beach towel on the sand?

My favourite beach is Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica. I love this beach because it is very relaxing and chill. You can roam the beach at your own pace and enjoy live music, fresh food and great vibes. My favourite beach spots include Margaritaville, Moms Place, and Travellers Beach Club. These places have good food and chairs available for patrons, but you can still bring your own food or get food from the many vendors that roam the beach.


Speaking of food, my personal favourite thing to eat at the beach is fresh fruit. Being in the sun all day can easily deplete all your energy especially if you are drinking (more on that shortly) so a healthy serving of fresh fruit like strawberries, grapes and bananas are essential to a good beach day! If you are spending the day my favourite beach, you definitely want to try the fresh-caught lobster, if you happen to be in Jersey or on the boardwalk you might want to try a submarine sandwich from Subway or Jersey Mike’s.


In terms of drinking, obviously, you need as much water as possible to stay hydrated, but what is a beach day without some fun libations? My drink of choice at the beach is a nice refreshing Miami Vice which is a strawberry daiquiri mixed with a pina colada. Most beach bars will pour it in a pretty cup and decorate it with flowers and fruit to give you the great vibes for the occasion. The taste is very fruity and delicious but if this is not available give craft beer a try!

I was never a huge fan of craft beer until I tried it on my most recent beach trip to Venice Beach. I tried the craft beer selection from Melvin Brewing and it was simply amazing! Check out Melvin brewing to try it for yourself!

Have your tried craft beer at your favourite beach? What are your essentials for a great beach trip? What kinds of food do you recommend? Also, what is your favourite beach? Sound off in the comments below, I want to know all about it! FlyyGirl Out!

Guest post by Shirish

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