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Black & Flyy in the City!

Updated: May 18, 2018

I had the privilege of speaking with the beautiful Sierra and Makeda from the Black in the City Podcast and we talked about everything from Cropover to Beyonce to #HustleTips

Click the video below to listen to their interview on FlyyGirl Radio!


are listening

to the very first episode of Flyy Girl Fridays -

on Flyy Girl Radio!

today on the show,

we have

Makeda and Sierra

from my new favorite podcast

Black in the City

and we are talkin about Mentorship,

Beyonce, Cropover and

we even get into some hustle tips to keep you motivated on your journey!

Q: So let's get right to it! Give the FlyyFam a little information about your background, where yal from? Makeda: I'm a first generation immigrant (family is from Barbados), and a first generation scholar-- I have two degrees (a masters before 24!)

Sierra: I'm just a young bull from Tacoma, Washington. (SMILE)

Q: Dassright Makeda! #DontHateGraduate haha. Can you ladies tell me some of the things that have shaped you into the young Flyy Girl you are today?

Makeda: Most of the moments that have shaped me into the woman I am today typical are around school and my family. My family is the baseline for all that I do and hope to become, and I can't do anything without-- everything I do is for them. I just want to impact the world and make them proud!

Sierra: What has shaped me into the woman I am today is the foundation that my parents laid for me. I was brought up in church and my parents kept me grounded, but most importantly encouraged me to discover myself whether that was through music, traveling the world, and being open minded. From that I continue to evolve into the woman I am supposed to be.

Q: Yay for family and being grounded! Being a family girl myself, I totally understand. Now let's get into the nitty gritty, can you ladies tell me what is your life like on a day to day basis? Makeda: HECTIC. I have 3 jobs, and I am really involved in the community-- I serve on a board, I have a mentee, so I balance a lot of things. Each day consists of work, the gym at some point, managing extra curricular and also all of the things we need to do for our podcast! I'm always trying to balance work and play, and I play a lottttt :)

Sierra: My life is a lot, I like to think of myself as "Si the Plug" I work full-time and I have a second job. If I'm not at work or working on my podcast which is not work for me at all! I am somewhere in the city taking meetings, giving time to relationships, events or a local happy hour ;). I feel so fortunate whenever I can get a nap honestly

Q: Yall Betta DO IT! Now besides the podcast, what kinds of things are you currently working on? Makeda: I am currently working on some acting skills so that I can start to do some commercial work! So creatively, I put all my effort into that and our podcast. Otherwise, I'm always working on a master plan to take the next step in my career!

Sierra: I am currently working my regular jobs to keep the lights on, but also still hosting shows as the opportunities come; while also putting my energy behind this podcast, which I take very seriously as I believe this is part of propelling me into my purpose.

Q: We always hear people talk about paying their dues as being an essential part of getting to the top. Tell me what dues did you pay,how did you get here? Makeda: School, school, and more SCHOOL. But also, a willingness to advocate for myself, and the ability to figure out what kind of work really fulfills me. And I'm doing it!

Sierra: I started out in college hosting shows. I knew that I waned my career to be entertaining, talking to people and making them laugh. Anytime I was given an opportunity to speak or put a microphone in my hand, I took it. I also follow people and keep people around me who inspire me to put on my nikes and run after my dreams.

Q: Awwww, Sierra got me over here about to be in tears! While I have the tissues out, tell me what has been your most proud moment in your career thus far? Makeda: The proudest moment of my career would be the day I graduated grad school. I had had one goal for so long, and to accomplish it, check it off the list, and really soak in what it felt like to make my family proud, was beyond. That's a happiness we don't get every day.

Q: I just have to jump in and say that walking across that stage after everything that I had been through the past 4 years was a great moment for the FlyyGirl. Just looking back at all the obstacles that I overcame and yet I still persisted is truly a miracle. Hang in there FlyyFam! HARD WORK ALWAYS PAYS OFF! What about you Sierra? What has been your proudest moment thus far?

Sierra: The proudest moment of my career I would say anytime someone comes up to me and encourages me to keep going or let's me know they've been listening. Not as an ego boost but it serves as a reminder that I can't give up because there are others who believe in me or need a laugh to make their day brighter.

Q: I can totally agree with support being a motivator for me. Shoutout to the #FlyyFam Yal always got my back! Next question, can you tell me one thing about you now that would make your younger self happy? Makeda: My independence! I have always been a strong willed person, and generally independent, but I have always been slightly reliant on my parents or a significant other. But now, I am truly my own person, and I'm so proud of the person I am.

Sierra: Confidence! knowing that it is completely ok for me to be my weird, awkward, band geek self and I was beautiful just that wa. shout out to Issa Rae for making it ok to be an ABG.

Q: Aw, I love Issa too, Awkward Black Girl was truly iconic! What advice would you give someone who aspires to follow in your footsteps, but is afraid to take that first step? Makeda: Jump! Just do it. The only thing that is stopping you is you! Theres nothing to be scared of in failure, but there is disappointment in fear. So just take the risk!

Sierra: Go after it! don't wait until you're ready. You never are. Consistency is key after that 's not going to be all peaches and creme but the dark days of grind will lead you to the light that is reward.

Consistency is truly key... Sierra, you STAY on point girl! Thank you both for taking the time to let me interview you. Believe it or not, working with you ladies on this project really has blessed me, and for that I thank you.


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