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Crowning of a Queen...

I always knew in my heart that I was a queen, but now that I am a contestant in the Miss Fashion Global New Jersey pageant, my chance to show the world is here!

My Why

Growing up I was always very adventurous and curious. Thanks to my parents I grew up with a deep and profound love for reading and writing. As a child I had access to the best extra curricular activities, family excursions and quality time with both of my parents. I saw them be business owners and agents of change in the community. My father had his own television show where he interviewed business owners as well as celebrities, he also had a newspaper and both he and my mother owned and managed a salon on the east side of Detroit for over 20 years.

I was very curious as a child and I remember being about 5 or 6 years old snooping around in my father's home office browsing through his business papers, signed photographs of my favorite gospel singers that he had interviewed and several motivational books and tapes.

I'm not even going to front, most days I was actually in his office snooping for loose change so I could join my friends at the ice cream truck ! One day, I was going through his closet and I ran across a box of old photographs of my mom and dad when they lived the glamorous life before us kids came into the pictures. Back in the day, it was no big deal for them to wake up and decide they wanted to go to Hawaii for the weekend, my parents dined in the finest restaurants and had plenty of money pour into their business dreams

I was captivated by these images. Looking back and seeing the life of class and grandeur that my parents lived really caused me to develop a level of class and sophistication about myself. I was raised to believe that I could do anything that I put my mind to and I believed it in my heart. One day I happened to run across a picture that literally took my breath away.

It was a picture of my mother modeling in a debutante pageant when she was about 17 or so. I will never forget the countless stories that she told about how her family sold tickets and dinner plates and sponsorships for her to participate and how her sister used her modeling group called the Fabulous Creators to teach her all the classic model tips and tricks.

You see my mother was the first example of a FlyyGirl that I ever saw. It wasn't Beyonce or Whitney Houston or any of the popular stars of that time that I idolized. It was my mom. The pictures I found showed her living her life without abandon, carefree, beautiful and confident.

She never settled for less while dating my father. He saw her identity as a true queen and he treated her, no spoiled her as such. I will never forget the stories of how he used to buy her mink coats and surprise her with fancy dinner dates, once they got married he even invested into her dreams by purchasing the salon that I spoke of earlier... with cash.

Surprising no one, my mother won that beauty pageant and was crowned Queen.

This is my foundation. This is the DNA that is in my blood. At my core I have always been a princess in waiting, and even though I may have forgot who I really was or where I was headed for a period of time, it was ALWAYS my birthright to be Queen.

Out of all the beautiful women in my family I never thought that I would be the one that would compete in a beauty pageant, but on August 17, I will be in the running alongside several other women for the title of Miss Fashion Global New Jersey.

Preparing for this title has been an adventure all in itself and I would like to welcome my followers on this journey with me. In the days leading up to the pageant I will be sharing more about my story, my platform and my goals- but mostly asking for support!

Being in a pageant is extremely expensive, from the clothes to the hair to the dresses and lets not even get into the shoes! Sponsorship packages start at $50 and can be customized to fit your business needs. I am headed to the top and I am building a team that can help me get there. Join the winning team today! Click the link below to pledge your support!

Thank you for your consideration it means a lot to me.

Yours Sincerely,

The Future Miss Fashion Global New Jersey

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