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Dancing Again, in Love...

Sabriaya Shipley has done it again. This great playwright, originally from Baltimore saw her dreams manifest on stage at two sold out shows this weekend at the Iron Pig Theatre.

Dancing Again in Love is a choreopoem full of raw talent and emotion that examines Black Love in all its messy, beautiful and awe-inspiring forms. There was never a 4th wall during this performance. From the beginning of the play to the end the audience was immediately ushered into the writers playbook and made to feel like an honored guest.

Using dance, music, and poetry as a method of storytelling, Dancing Again in Love poses the age old question of whether we choose to repeat the generational forms of love passed down through the ages or whether we break the cycle and redefine love for ourselves. (Eventbrite )

Not only was the acting and writing superb, the music, produced by J Marie fit right in to the storyline and had a very reflective vibe. This play also features LaRae Mays- Hardy as Future Selah, Johari Farrar as Selah, Imani Rothwell as Beah, Victoria Goins as Lesslie and Travoye Joyner as Kemet. Immediately after the performance the audience was given a chance to grapple with the subject matter with a Q&A session, attached below.

With this delicate piece, Sabriaya really pushes the audience to challenge their perceptions about love and what the action of love looks like all facets and angles. Stories like this are important and need to be shared in public spaces more often. Congratulations to Sabriaya and the cast for putting on a positive, relatable show full of black girl magic from beginning to end!

Keep up the good work FlyyGirl, we can't wait to see what you think of next!

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