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Flyy Girl Challenge UPDATE!

For the month of July, I partnered with my intern @FlyyGirlCori to create a challenge that would engage our followers, encourage them to practice self-care, make healthy choices and love themselves even more. Read below to see how we did!

FlyyGirlCori: Hey FlyyGirls ! My July challenge ended up super well. I placed 5th in our run challenge at work , I’ve been reminded how interesting the Bible is and I’m intellectually stimulated. Studying and being active have made me feel like a whole new girl.

I’m steady and everything is feeling like it’s falling into place. Falling into a routine makes the things you thought were hard, seem so easy. Big goals make big results. Keep up the good work yal!

FlyyGirlAdventures: I had a WHOLE LOT going on this month, but this challenge actually helped to keep me grounded! Of my three goals, the easiest for me was focusing on eating more live fruits and veggies. Although I was in the hospital for a week or two for surgery, 30 days after setting this goal, I am feeling very alive, energetic and my skin is SO CLEAR!

Now the other two goals, practicing self-discipline and using my phone less provided more of a challenge to me, but that was precisely why I picked them! I can say with confidence that I have made significant strides towards being more self-disciplined, this article is proof of that! However, when it came to my final goal of using my phone less... yal just keep praying for the FlyyGirl!

FlyyGirl Cori and I would just like to thank everyone for being part of the challenge this month! Whether you made strides or like me with the phone, are still in the need of prayer, we appreciate your engagement with us! Keep pushing and moving forward! FLYYGIRL OUT!


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