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Investing in Rivera Maya with Ly Cotes

This interview is the first in a series of five interviews with the FlyyGirls of Playa del Carmen Mexico. These women were selected because they are the textbook definition of what being a FlyyGirl really is all about. Not only are they smart, beautiful, confident and adventurous, they are are business women, entrepreneurs, women that are standing up, holding space and on the brink of life changing success. Today, I would like to introduce you to FlyyGirl Ly Cotes, a Real Estate Advisor in the Rivera Maya area of Mexico!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview Ly! Before I even came to Mexico, I heard so many good things about you and your business. People not only spoke of how professional you are with your real estate business, but also about you being a kindhearted and welcoming person. Now that I live here in Playa and have seen you in action, I see that all that and some is true about you! Can you tell my readers about who you are?

Well I consider myself somewhat a unicorn, a very rare to find kind of person, I dance to my own rhythm, I follow my particular set of rules and values. I was born and raised in Romana, Dominican Republic. Some of the moments that defined who I am today started with me having my first job at 13 years old. This was something I did on the weekends. Now I didn't have to have a job at that age, but I did it because I wanted to have my own money and that made me learn the value of it. .I moved out of my my city at the age of 17 to go to college. After that, I lived in several cities and a couple of countries, I believe those experiences made me flexible and adaptable to changes.

Being flexible and adaptable to change is key to being a FlyyGirl! Can you give us a glimpse into what a day in your life is like?

My days are not always the same, I normally get up very early and get a big cup of coffee (that is standard, hahaha) after that I can either work from home answering emails, setting calls for the day, or going on showings with clients and then answering emails and make phone calls after. I usually work until night with some hours in between.

That sounds like a really long day! What does it take to become a Real Estate Advisor?

To become a real estate advisor you have to use all the skills and all the knowledge you have acquired over the years. Attend school college degree, besides the certification to become a real estate agent in the area.

My most rewarding experience as a Real Estate Advisor was when a client asked me if we could remain friends, and we still are friends to this day! Things like that show me that I am doing my job right!

That tells us a lot about the person you are! Here's a good question for you, what is something your younger self would be proud of you for?

I moved to the beach, and I always wanted to live in the seaside, it was one of my retirement goals and I did it way before that.

It's a blessing to be able to live a life of your dreams day in and day out. Kudos to you for setting those goals and reaching them! What would you say to someone who is reading this interview and wants to live a life of their dreams but is scared to take that first step? What advice would you give them?

It's always easier to stay where we are and not take risks, but we gain experience from the storms we endure. We become better from the tough times and hard decisions that we have to make. We can always go back to what was before, but after you see a little of what you can accomplish once you take that first step, believe me, going back will never be an option.

That's some really solid advice! That's why it's really important to celebrate the success you have had in the past so when you have those moments where you are feeling unmotivated, you can go back to those moments of success to motivate yourself. If you did it before, you can ALWAYS do it again and take it to the next level!

Fly, Girl!

Another stated objective of this segment is to encourage travel. As this is a travel blog and I love traveling- my goal with with #FlyyGirlFriday is to show that everyone can travel. Whether it be in the states or abroad, black women are out here DOING IT! Where are some of the places you have been?

I have been able to travel to the Dominican Republic, Panama, Chile, Mexico, United States!

Very nice! Out of those trips, which would you say was your favorite?

My favorite vacation was to my birthplace, the Dominican Republic. I was traveling with my friends from college on a short weekend trip and we did so much! We we went to the north of the island and went into every beach in that area of the country. It took us 2 days, but we navigated every little beach and every little attraction and fun thing to do there.

I love the Dominican Republic! What a beautiful country! I have talked to many black women that have experienced difficulties abroad because of their skin color. What was your experience like as a black woman abroad? How were you treated? What was their perception of black people?

I have never had an issue traveling and/or living abroad. I lived in very small towns where I'm the first black person they've met, and I saw their curiosity, most of all in little kids. I let them touch my hair and I always smile when I see them looking at me, I want their first impression to be a positive one.

What would be your dream destination and why?

There are too many to just choose just one. My dream is to fly and live 6 months to a year in different cities all over the world, and never go back to the same spot again. I would really love to be a nomad.

The Plug

The final goal of this segment is to raise support and awareness about black businesses, black creators and black issues. Statistics have shown that black women and our dollar are the trendsetters of popular culture thus I really think that it is important that we support one another every chance we get. Tell the FlyyFam more about your business!

I am a real estate advisor in Riviera Maya, my main focus is selling land and properties all the way from Puerto Morelos to Tulum.

Before my feet even touched down in Rivera Maya, I heard nothing but positive reviews about you and your business from several people! You really have a love for the work you do and it shows!

Yes, that is true. I enjoy what I do, I love this area and it is a pleasure to show it to buyers. I feel like I'm sharing my life with friends, and that's why I do it - even with the long hours . doesn't feel like work.

That's beautiful. People always say that when you do the things you love, it never feels like you are working because it is your passion! How did you get into this field in the first place?

Well I was already working in the sales department of a brokerage firm. I had been toying with the idea for a while in my head and one day I was assisting one of the agents in the delivery of an apartment, and I said to myself, "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life"

Sounds like you are living the dream! You live on the beach, you have the job you always wanted and years later, you still love it! That is a very rare combination! Honestly you make me want to look into this profession! What does it take to be a Real Estate Advisor?

Honestly, it takes everything you have and a bag of chips! Being a real estate advisor is a full time job, and when I say full time I mean it! Real estate agents really have to know how to separate their job hours and personal time, because is so easy to put in too many hours and forget about everything else!

In Riviera Maya the priority is to get to know the area, because in this business we don't only show people a couple of walls, we show them the lifestyle, the emotion, the visualization of a dream, and even more so in this part of the world. Secondly, you will need to able to really hear and understand what your client needs and wants are and work accordingly. There are times with this job that you will have to be a psychologist, a matchmaker, a interior decorator, a financial advisor, a mathematician, an accountant and some! Everything you've ever learned in your life will be used in this career field.

Regarding documentation, the SEDETUS Matricula is the equivalent of a certification, besides that my recommendation is to always work with someone working with a real estate agency and/or has an affiliation to one of the civil organizations that regulate real estate in the area.

So as a investor, why would the Rivera Maya area be a great place to invest?

A lot of things, but what I consider the biggest benefits are : Closeness to America, well connected to a big Hub as Miami that can take you anywhere within hours; the cost of living here is way better than the most affordable place in USA and the amazing beauty and history this area has, you can virtually do so many things here and get to go to so many places, that you can consider yourself a local tourist.

Between these beautiful images you have shared with us and your last response, I am sure at this point that my readers are definitely interested in getting more information about investing in the Rivera Maya area. I always thought it would be difficult to buy a home in a different country? What is the purchase process like?

The process is simple. You like a property - put in an offer - offer gets accepted - make the payment and all legal steps. I will be there for every step, guiding and advising you accordingly, we primary work with foreigners investing in Riviera Maya, so we have the experience and options for you to feel safe every step of the way.

The closing process may take about 2 months to get the property delivered.

Thank you so much for giving us this glimpse into the wonderful world of real estate and giving my readers a glimpse into what life for you is like. Before I conclude this interview you have to tell me in your own words, what makes you, Ly Cotes, Real Estate Advisor extraordinaire a FlyyGirl?

What makes me Flyy is my unique personality, I'm a weird and spontaneous and funny girl that finds beauty and joy in everything she does. An independent and fearful woman that is not afraid of work but also enjoys life, trying to find a balance between the two.

Thanks again Ly! FlyyFam, if any of you are interested in getting more information about purchasing a home in the Rivera Maya area, you can reach out to Ly at:


"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey


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