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FLYY ON A BUDGET: Travelers Beach Resort in Negril

Updated: Mar 22, 2018

This resort offers all the amenities of a beachfront property, but still provides that local charm that makes Negril such a unique town! Oh, and the price point of this hotel isn't so horrible either!

I stumbled upon the Travelers Beach Resort while I was doing a random search on for a place to stay during my annual pilgrimage to Jamaica. This time around I was looking to stay somewhere right on the water, that provided all the amenities of a resort, such as all inclusive drinks/food, pool and room service, but wouldn't have me feeling like a colonizer. I still wanted to enjoy the people and the culture of the island- but I didn't want to compromise on service and location especially since I was traveling semi-handicapped.

I found all of that and some at the Travelers Beach Resort. The price was decent (I believe it averages out at about $120 a night), they have a great restaurant onsite, and while the drinks aren't typically free unless you purchase the all inclusive package, I got mine free anyway because they were doing construction on the swim-up bar during my stay. Check out the video above to see it in real-time!

Would you believe that this is all the luggage I traveled with for a 4 day trip to Jamaica? I can barely believe it myself! Thanks to my Swiss Gear getaway backpack from Target, I was able to fit my laptop, 5 different swimming suit looks and a bunch of other stuff right in this bag. This was super convenient due to the fact that I was traveling alone with a half broken leg :)

Now if you are looking to bathe in the golden waters of luxury and decadence, be waited on hand and foot by a personal butler, and have a custom meal prepared just for your palate, this likely isn't the place for you. Perhaps the RIU or the Hyatt Ziva (both in Montego Bay) might be more your speed; but if you want to go somewhere that everyone knows your name, the drinks are flowing, and you are smack dab in the middle of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Travelers Beach Resort is for you:)

If you check it out, make sure you let them know the FlyyGirl sent ya:)


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