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FlyyGirl Travel Resolutions

It's a new year Flyy Fam! 2020 was full of its ups and downs like most other years have been, but I think most of us were able to end on a good note. I took the opportunity to move to Mexico for 6 months and I am so happy I did! Here are a few travel resolutions to help you make sure your 2021 is all the way Flyy!

Learn New Language: Learning a foreign language always comes in handy both at home and abroad. Knowing the local language reduces the chances of you being scammed while travelling to a different country and allows you to really connect with the people. This is not my first time travelling to Mexico but whenever I have traveled here I haven't had difficulties communicating because I studied Spanish in college. Free applications like Duolingo can give you a kickstart in your learning experience. If caught off-guard, Google Translate can do a wonderful job in a pinch.

Take a Solo Trip: The majority of my trips to date have been solo. It hasn't always been intentionally so, sometimes when I asked people they were busy,or some said they would come initially and then when it came time to actually go on the trip they were nowhere to be found! Nevertheless I have always still had a great time, besides I usually always run into other solo travelers looking to have a good time as well!

The best thing about solo travel to me is that you are not dependent on your friends or family. You are free to make your own choices and decisions. Don't feel like going out? Fine, stay in and relax! Wanna do a pamper day at the spa and explore the ancient ruins later? Go for it! Solo travel helps you to discover your true self and can bring great inner peace if you allow it to do so!

Use Your Vacation Days: In America the concept of work is tied to our identity. Many times people will ask what you do for work to decide how much respect they should give you, which is really sad. We live to work in America and what's worse is that according to the Washington Post, 55% of Americans don’t use all of their vacation days. Take advantage of your hard-earned days off. DON'T BE THAT AMERICAN!! USE ALL OF THOSE VACATION DAYS!!! ENJOY YOUR LIFE and LIVE WELL!

Volunteer Abroad: Tiffany of Sweet Tiffy's Travel Inspirations told me about an organization called All Hands and Hearts which offers free stay and food in return for your volunteer work. Click here to read more about her experience. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of giving back to the community. A simple google search can help you find an organized group to join or create a movement all of your own!

Get uncomfortable: In order to excel in life WE MUST get comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE! When we stay in our comfort zone we miss out on so many opportunities. This year let's make the decision to move forward and be adventurous- we will never know what is in store if we don't take the chance!

Start savings account for your travel: The work from a home culture has given the freedom to many Americans move to various destinations of their choice and live a Flyy life like the one I am enjoying at the moment. Shirish Khaire of suggests that having a separate saving account or fund devoted to your future travels will make future travels easy and light on your pocket. Most bank accounts allow for a weekly or monthly transfer into various accounts. Contact your bank to see which options are available to you!

I trust that 2021 will be a year of great wins and success for my FlyyFam out there. Keep pushing, stay positive be forever Flyy and always adventurous!

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey


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