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From Cabarete, With Love

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Right on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, there lies a beachside town called Cabarete. After visiting two years in a row for my birthday, first with my sister and this past year with my whole family- this beautiful destination owes me nothing. This is the 2nd installment of the Dominican Diaries

My first venture to Cabarete was in December of 2016. What was supposed to be a big girls trip to celebrate my birthday ALMOST turned into a solo trip until my sister reminded me that she too had a passport!

It seemed like as soon as our feet touched down on Dominican soil we were the most popular and beautiful girls on the island!

Everywhere we went, heads turned and people wanted to be our friends, some even asked if we were Dominican! Of course we took all that with a grain of salt- we were extra careful not to get too comfortable with anyone- but we still had a great time and made some awesome connections with the island locals!

This great beach town is a bucket list location for budget travelers. Prices for lodging run the gamut, from a shared room AIRBNB that start at the $20/night range, to condos off the water that can be anywhere from $300 to $900 a night. What you are paying for is the location and proximity to the beach and other attractions. I was lucky enough to find a moderately priced condo off the water super close to the bars and dance clubs off the water.

Waking up each morning with the beach just 10 steps away (yes, I did count) and falling asleep to the peaceful waves is simply amazing. Our condo had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 jacuzzi tubs (one in the master bedroom and the ther on the front porch) a beautiful open kitchen, a large front room with television, and a huge porch where we ate most of our meals at. If you are interested in more information about this condo email me at for the deets!

The Lazy Dog Beach Bar and Grill was one of many restaurants within a few steps of our Condo. This popular tourists spot is known for their great happy hour specials and live bands during the day. At night the Lazy Dog and all the restaurants off the water turn into lounge/nightclub mode and let me tell you,

"You have never been you a party until you experience one on the beach in the Dominican Republic!"

The energy in the music, the beauty of the people, the passion in the air is second to none. Although the club scene is very exciting, the best part about partying on the beach is that when you need a break from the music and party, you can always take your sandals off and go for a nice walk along the water.

I knew that our trip would coincide with the new year and my birthday so I made sure to pack my birthday hat as well as New Years regalia. New Year's Eve in Cabarete is super fun. All the beach bars are packed with patrons; both the locals and tourists are bright and cheery, the music is live and the party... well, it doesn't stop until the sun comes up!

We kept hearing people talk about fireworks on the water at midnight, but we weren't expecting them to be so beautiful. The show wasn't very long though, by the time we could catch a good shot, they were over!

All in all, our first trip to Cabarete was a blast. We left saying that we would return next year with the whole family in tow... and we did! Stay tuned to hear how we conquered the island, family style!


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