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Hampton Inn Baltimore... almost Flyy.

When I created this space it was my intention to keep my reviews positive and light. However, unlike complimentary breakfast and free WiFi, customer service is not an amenity. Providing excellent customer service is a standard for the Hilton brand- but this hotel falls short.

The Hampton Inn Baltimore is a beautiful centrally located hotel right in the heart of Baltimore. They have all the makings of a Flyy Girl recommended Hotel, whirlpool, ample space, close to nightlife ect, however there are some customer service issues that should be addressed to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Hilton Hampton Inn- Downtown is an economically sound hotel located in the middle of both the Ravens and the Orioles stadium in the middle of downtown Baltimore. Average prices for this hotel can range from anywhere between $95 to $130 on the low end to upwards of $200 during the high season.

For a Flyy girl traveler such as myself, this hotel ALMOST hit every criteria that I have to receive the top Flyy Girl hotel recommendation for Baltimore. Their King size premium suite offers ample space, a couch, lots of natural sunlight, plenty of mirrors, a comfy pull out couch, and a separated breakfast nook.

Additionally, this hotel has a pool and a hot tub area, which automatically improve their score as most hotels in the Baltimore area only offer an indoor pool.

My singular issue with this hotel lies in their customer service. On my last night of my stay here, after working an extremely long day, I encountered an extremely rude staff member by the name of Robin. There was an issue with my digital key- it was not working to open my hotel room door.

So on a broken leg that is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, I had to walk down to the front desk a total of 3 times to get them to fix the issue. Each time I went to the lobby for assistance, I had to wait around on my broken leg because Robin was nowhere to be found. After a few minutes of waiting she would nonchalantly emerge from the lobby area and ask what I wanted as if I was interrupting her night..

Now I'm sure at this point I was visibly annoyed however, instead of just apologizing for the inconvenience of me having to walk back an forth to fix a key that she continued to program incorrectly, Robin asked me why I was mad and additionally, why I had an attitude. I told her excellent customer service is her duty to provide and I was appalled that she was not providing that for me a Diamond member and a travel blogger.

It is what Robin said next is what really bothered me. Robin looked at me in my eyes and told me that she didn't care about my Hilton Honors status or my travel site, the key not working was not her fault. She handed me a manual key and rejoined the guy she was chatting within the lobby when I couldn't find her the first time I came downstairs.

From the perspective of a Hilton Honors member with  Diamond status, this is the type of behavior that is extremely unacceptable for a hotel brand. Robins tone and unprofessionalism caused me undue stress to my day. I was so shaken by off by our encounter that I dropped my bag of leftovers from dinner all over the lobby floor.

This experience is not what I came to the hotel for. I am here for work. when I am not working I like to relax, not be harassed by hotel staff. I do hope that the Hilton brand is able to address this issue with this employee.

In terms of location, price, and Flyy Girl amenities like having a hot tub on the premises, multiple mirrors and a abundance of space in the room- this hotel is a 10 all the way, which is a hard task to hit by my standards. However customer service is something that I will never compromise on. If it wasn't for my encounter with this extremely unprofessional hotel personel, this hotel would have won the highest Flyy Girl hotel ratings for Baltimore.

Do Better Hilton.

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