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Happy Birthday to the ORIGINAL Flyy Girl!

Today, May 1st, is a very special day for me. It is the day that my beautiful mother was born!

Please enjoy this nostalgic post about the one who gave me life; if you know my mom, give her a call, shoot a text and let her know how special she is to you!

To the one who pushed me out of the womb, and still 28 years later still pushes me to be great, I thank you.

To the woman who was my first and to this day only hairstylist- who taught me how to sew my first weave, whose MAC makeup and foundation I consistently stole out of her purse as a child, who is no doubt responsible for my Flyy, I honor you.

To the breakout queen on "The Scene", whose model pictures I used to idolize and wish I too could be beautiful and fabulous just like her some day- you are my inspiration

To the beauty queen who instilled in all of her children that we could be and do WHAT EVER we put our minds to, who never made me feel like my dreams we too big, who listened when I told her my vision for this site, my future, and didn't laugh you rock.

To the mother who hung in there with me on the days that I broke her heart- on my crazy tween days when I "thought I was grown" but truly had no idea, who didn't get me a cell phone til I was 17, who read my journals, got all up in my "business" who loved me past my foolishness, never wavering in her support or love for me or any of her children, I salute you.

To the woman who taught me the art of food presentation- taking the time to arrange a salad and get all the colors and the fruits to blend perfectly on the platter, who taught me how to stretch a dollar and tie my shoe- I thank you.

To the one who made me believe that the day I was born was a special day, who always planned elaborate birthday parties for me with ponies games, and lots of friends,who sponsored my very first creative venture, and plenty more after it, you are amazing.

She has been nothing but a shining example of God's grace, unconditional love and compassion, literally all her life.

All that I am and all I will ever be, is because of the Godly love and affection that you have sown into my life. If only I could have half of your resilience, beauty, finesse, determination, perseverance, and heart- I would be happy

She dedicated her life to her children- and now that we are "grown" as we like to call it- it is our turn to be there for you.

The Bible speaks of a Woman like you

An enterprising, selfless woman, clothed in strength and dignity,

Who may not be rich herself, yet still opens her arms to those in need,

She opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness,

Her price is far more than rubies or fine wine,

Her children will rise up and call her blessed.

For she is a Virtuous woman.

Happy Birthday mom. You really just don't know how much your love, care and PRAYERS have meant to us all!

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