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It was a good day.

Gooood morning from Playa del Carmen Mexico! I woke up early in a great mood and I just felt like exploring. So I threw my headphones on and started walking!

I have decided that while I'm here in Mexico, I'm going to prioritize my health and wellness in a way that makes me happy... which somehow ended up at the beach haha. I swam a bit and made a new expat friend named Bianca who has lived here in Playa del Carmen for the past 2 years!

We swam and talked shit for a few hours then I had breakfast at La Vagabunda for about 169 pesos which is about 8 bucks or so and it was delicioso!! I ordered the Gringo skillet which was beef brisket, potatoes, and poached eggs! I would highly recommend this place!

After my morning walk, I went back to my spot and swam in my pool and pretended to do work until I realized that I needed to go to the cambio to exchange money and also to the grocery store before it was too late in the day.

Btw, the grocery stores in Mexico are set up a little different. You have to bring your own bags , or else carry every thing by hand!

Later on I ran into some new friends who made me promise to hang out with them later. Then I went back to my place and I had an interview via WebEx **yay technology* After the interview My friends and I linked up later and had a FlyyGirl Adventure complete with tacos!!!

Now I'm back at my room ready to do it all again in the morning:)


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