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Join the 30 day Seamoss Challenge with African Herbswoman!

This post is sponsored by African Herbswoman, a female lead, black owned company based in Detroit, Michigan that provides natural herbs for the mind, body and soul!

What is Sea Moss and why am I smiling so hard in that picture up there? Well I'm glad you asked! Sea Moss is a natural supplement that contains 92 of the minerals needed for your body to function on a daily basis. I'm smiling so hard because I have partnered with Queen Debra over at African Herbswoman to try their Sea Moss for a month and I will be documenting my progress here!

It's a great feeling waking up rejuvenated and energized! However, with me constantly on the go, my energy tends to get low after a while. Not only is Sea Moss a energy booster- it also helps to boost the metabolism which means that the body is burning off calories without you working too hard! I am excited to see what the Sea Moss from African Herbswoman is able to do for my energy and overall mood after a month's time!

Believe it or not I have never actually made Sea Moss gel on my own, but I am told it is very easy to make! Click here for a quick and easy recipe from Queen Debra herself! In addition to being ingested in smoothies or other foods, it can also be applied to the face as a mask! I plan on applying a mask at least once a week- can't wait to see the results!

This journey that I am embarking on with Queen Debra and African Herbswoman is more than just a sponsorship, it is a journey towards wellness that I want you to join as well! Make a commitment to your health this month with African Herbswoman- enter offer code "FlyyGirl" at checkout for 5% off your order!

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