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Meet Queen Debra, the Holistic FlyyGirl

FlyyGirl Fridays are back! This week we are kicking off with Queen Debra, founder of African Herbswoman, a company that provides natural herbs for the mind, body and soul!

Queen Debra’s business, African Herbswoman is all about health and wellness! They sell a variety of herbs, seamoss & and other natural supplements that will help kickstart your immune system and get you in shape!

What makes African Herbswoman unique is that they are rooted in community engagement. Obviously, providing health awareness and guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle is a major focus for her company but creating opportunities for underprivileged youth is also a core value. Debra is passionate about giving back to the community, that’s why proceeds from each sale provides resources that assist in educational development of youth in Detroit.

Debra’s nonprofit organization, Lead the Way has raised over five thousand dollars for children in Philadelphia, Houston & Detroit through a variety of scholarship, toy & back to school giveaways!

Debra loves to create! On any given day this mother of two can be found painting with her daughter, making earrings for friends, in the kitchen trying new vegan recipes, or in her studio making new music!

In addition to being a business woman, Queen Debra is also an avid traveler! Her most recent adventure was a family trip to San Diego to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. Instead of gifts and birthday parties, she and her husband prefer to travel and make memories with their children for their birthdays. She enjoys traveling with her family and plans on taking them all to Jamaica and South America very soon!

Queen Debra is a FlyyGirl because despite the odds she remains teachable and is forever learning and growing everyday! Make sure to subscribe to this post for more updates on this FlyyGirl & her business African Herbswoman!

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Queen Debra is a FlyyGirl because

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