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Sachea Around the World!

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

It's not about the size of your wallet, how many stamps you have in your passport, or whether you have the perfect body and have mastered the art of looking fabulous everyday. Being a FlyyGirl means that you are an innovator, a creator, not just a dreamer, but a doer; they are the movers and shakers of the world that are not afraid to take that first step into the unknown. FlyyGirlFriday is a weekly recurring segment that will feature women of color who are the epitome of a FlyyGirl.

Our first #FlyyGirlFriday feature is Sachea Munroe of Sachea Around the World, a popular travel blog. Sachea has been to over 20 countries in the world including: Zambia, the Netherlands,Guatemala Romania, Australia, Trinidad, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe Costa Rica, Brazil and the Netherlands. She is a blogger, an entrepreneur and go getter in her own right.

Q: Tell us more about you. Who is Sachea?

"My name, Sachea, is what inspired the blog Sachea Around The World. I have walked the earth with fearlessness, a bit of sass, a relentless wanderlust that fuels my passion for the never-ending love affair of destinations unknown."

Q: What inspired you to start traveling?

"I have had a love for traveling all my life but I really wasn't doing it right. I went places, collected passport stamps, snapped a few pictures, I was the typical tourist, but I didn't really TRAVEL."

Rewind back in time to the year 2013, a planned girlfriend trip of 5 to Costa Rica eventually dwindled to 1, just me. Me, the woman who wouldn't dare go to the movies alone, let alone a foreign country, was left with two options (1) cancel and reschedule when my friends can go or (2) Go alone. After consulting a few friends and my parents, all with varied strong opinions as to why I should or shouldn't do it. This time, I went with my heart and chose option 2.

"Then my mind started to race. From the irrational - What if I'm kidnapped and held for ransom? Would President Obama negotiate with terrorists for my return? What if I'm locked up abroad? To the rational - Will my 2 years of high school Spanish be enough to get me by? Will I stick out like a sore thumb, being a solo woman, being a solo woman of color, being a solo woman of color who speaks limited Spanish? What will I do to keep myself busy? Who will take pictures of me? Will I be lonely? I threw caution to the wind, overpacked (as usual) and flew to Liberia, Costa Rica for 6 days. Those 6 days, has forever changed my life."

Q: What made you start blogging?

A: "What inspired me to begin sharing my story was the response to a video that I posted while traveling. I was touring Mukuni Big 5 Safaris, which is a conservation in Zambia that takes care of endangered animals, breeds them and releases them back into wild. While there, I decided to take a video of me walking through the desert with a huge lion (click here to watch). Honestly, when I filmed it, it wasn't a big deal to me. I was just doing what I normally do while traveling- be adventurous and have fun! However, after posting this video, I received over 5k friend requests overnight and the video has since been viewed over 2 million times! At this point I knew that my story had value and was worth being shared. That is what motivated me to start my blog/website,

Q: I read an interesting article on your blog about dating while abroad. Can you tell us more about that?

A: "I had a date in every country I visited in 2016, sometimes more than 1 and absolutely loved it! It was freeing and liberating, I could take on a new persona and in a few days, I was onto a new adventure and back to my old self. I relied mostly on Tinder when I arrived.

"By the time I settled into my room, I was already pinging with notifications, "You've got a match". I will admit, I am not overly-picky. I am not looking for a husband or a love connection. I am looking for cool and casual conversation and some local tips on what to do in the area. If I luck up and get more than that, it's a bonus."

Q: A big part of FlyyGirl Friday is raising support and awareness of black owned businesses and issues. How can we support you?

A: Check out my store! I have shirts, mugs, beach towels and other cool things for sale. The slogan, "Eat, Slay, Travel" comes from people responding to my pictures and posts saying that I "Slayed it, etc..." also, one of my favorite books is " Eat, Pray, Love" so this is my twist on that! Use offer code "IMSOFLYY15" for 15% off your purchase!

Q: What is some advice you would give someone who aspires to travel and be as free and adventurous as you someday?

"My advice is to just do it! Take a chance on yourself, take risks, be an innovator, a trendsetter. This will sound cliché-ish but if you can dream it you can do it... If you can think of it in your mind and see yourself doing the thing, there is a STRONG possibility that you can do it. As you continue to move in the direction of your dreams, people will be attracted to your light- don't forget NETWORK!

Thanks again Sachea. Be sure to check out her store and enter offer code: IMSOFLYY15 at checkout for 15% off all items!

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