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So You Made it To the Pageant... Now What?

This post is dedicated to Michalea, Marji and all the other FlyyGirls that are headed to compete at the Miss Fashion Global Pageant today. I wrote this to encourage you all to be great, give it your all and have a good time while you're at it!

My pageant experience was a little different than most of the other girls because I had already won my state pageant. I was Miss Fashion Global New Jersey Curvy Queen and I had the crown and sash to prove it. As such, I wasn't required to attend any of the preliminaries or special trainings beforehand.

Í wasn't nervous, but I was last minute with so many things! I needed a corset, my shoes didn't fit right, nails weren't done yet, and I had all these extra ideas of what I wanted to do to my swim suit... Luckily my aunt flew into town helped me run my errands because I was all over the place!

Squad Up!!

Behind every queen is a great team. Originally I thought my mom would be there on pageant day, but my brother got sick and she couldn't make it. Luckily my aunt was able to fly in and help me with everything I needed. From running me around to pick up last minute items, to helping me squeeze into my corset backstage, to going on random taco runs, she had my back!

In addition to my aunt being there in person I had the support of friends and family near and far. All day long my phone was buzzing with messages and calls to cheer me on. We were even able to do a live stream for everyone that was not able to be there. Whether your team is present or virtual, their support is essential to your success!

Network & Be Friendly!

The first bit of advice I would give to first time pageant girls is to make connections with the people around you.

Yes this is a competition, but the networking and friendships that can evolve as a result are priceless! Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with the other girls!

Make Memories!

Don't be that one girl that sits in the corner super serious and hyper focused on the wrong things! Live in the moment, take all the pictures, document this experience; whether is is your first page or last, you WILL want to remember this moment! Make sure you have your friends and family capture your walk, perhaps even live stream the pageant on your social media, this is a big deal!

Confidence Counts!

This should go without saying but BE CONFIDENT! Everything in your life has prepared you for this moment. Remember the clothes aren't wearing you, YOU ARE WEARING THE CLOTHES!! Each and everytime your feet touch that runway your energy and confidence should lead the way.

Everytime I went on the stage I had the crowd going wild and I loved every second of it!

You're a Winner!

Last but not least, CELEBRATE! My name was not called at finals, but you couldn't tell me I wasn't a winner that night! I felt beautiful, looked like a queen and walked like a goddess- all my hard work had paid off! Even now when I look at my final runway walk I am amazed to look at my progress and how good I looked that day. Remind yourself why you are doing this and when its over, celebrate the fact that you did it like a boss!

Good luck out there today FlyyGirls! Hold your head high, walk with confidence and you will be great!

"The greatest adventure of all is to live a life of our dreams" - Oprah Winfrey


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