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Solo Dolo in Jamaica!

My annual pilgrimage to Jamaica was a blast. I ate good food, got discovered by German photographers and had some fun in the sun... ALL ON CRUTCHES!

Jamaica is the ultimate destination for sand, sun and fun! Where else can you find yummy and authentic dishes like Jerk Chicken, Bammy, Rice and Peas while practicing your cliff jumping skills off the mountains at Rick's Cafe?

“I broke my leg but my love for travel and exploring was uunwavering.”

After breaking my leg in a car accident in March, I almost had lost all hope for travel.

I remember after I broke my femur thinking "Oh man, what if I never travel again!! What if I can never go to the beach!" For someone like me, who is always on the go and lives for the next travel deal and or beach trip, those thoughts were terribly traumatic.  But God. Now I'm not sure when I will be back to 100 percent, and I definitely did not intend on traveling out of the country on crutches,  but I'm still here. Strong. Confident. Resilient. 

Moral of the story: Always move forward. Don't let nothing hold you back or bring you down...not even a broken leg hahaha


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