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The Bad Day Checklist

This is a guest post from FlyyGirlFly Intern, Shecoria Akins. Shecoria is a rising High School Senior from Huntsville, Alabama. Her blog, Taking Care with Cori, focuses on self-care and seeks to encourage young people to love themselves first.

Hey FlyyFam! Cori here. We all get stressed sometimes. Having a bad day is pretty normal, but there are plenty of ways to calm down when you're feeling overwhelmed and turn that frown upside down.

1. Listen to a chill playlist. One of the best mood shifters for me personally is music. Music connects us and music makes us feel less alone. It takes away the stress and gives us an outlet to let out our emotions. This is one of my favorite playlist

2. Looking nice and being clean. Wash your face, brush your teeth, style your hair, take a long bath and put on a nice outfit. Looking nice, even if you're not going anywhere will boost your self esteem. Personally, a good face mask and steam help me a lot. The confidence boost of "I look nice today." along with the confidence boost you get from productivity should cheer you up.

3. Clean your area. Just like cleaning up yourself will help, cleaning your space will too. Clutter often causes anxiety. To avoid feeling trapped or overwhelmed by all you need to do put some things away or sweep. You'll be able to check something off your lists of things to do and the clear space will help you have a clearer mind.

4. Read a book. Books are almost like a portal to another dimension. You'll be so focused on the characters and their crazy lives that it'll bring a new prospective to yours. If it doesn't make you flat out forget completely.

5. Put something healthy in your system. Go brew a glass of tea. Drink a few bottles of water. Eat a fruit salad. Maybe even take some vitamins. There are lots of fruit smoothie recipes with kale, seeds, and other organic goodies all over the Internet. Some of my snack suggestions are : - sunflower seeds - banana chips - granola bars - walnuts

So these are some things I do when I'm having a bad day. What about y'all?


Insta: FlyyGirlCORI --------------&-------------Blog: TakingCareWithCori

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