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Why Body Positivity Great TIL it Gotta Be Great?

An examination of why yal need to leave Lizzo the HELL alone, stop it already with the fake ass Body Positivity Movement & love yourself a lil mo.

It's amazing to see the amount of negative feedback Lizzo is getting on her recent outfit at the Lakers game. People love to insert their respectability politics on the bodies of others the moment they feel uncomfortable. Honestly that's what it comes down to. As much as people pretend that they are about body positivity at the end of the day we've grown up in a society that's taught us to feel the exact opposite.

Wearing a thong out in public is nothing new. Celebrities and regular people do it all the time. However if you happened to be a big beautiful woman it’s a problem if you walk down the street not completely covered. Lizzo twerking at a basketball game with her big beautiful ass out exposes a greater hypocrisy. If she’d been a size two we wouldn’t even be talking about this! This world continues to have a problem with the Phatabulous woman doing some of the same things women have done forever! Live your life Lizzo and make no apologies for it 👑 -Candace,

Fatphobia is so deeply imbedded in our culture that many people don't realize they have it. They think if they're not overly spewing hateful remarks then they're not fatphobic. What they don't realize is when they tell a larger bodied person that they shouldn't wear the same thing as someone slim - their fatphobia is showing through their remarks. People often try to cover it up by laying the justification for their comments at the feet of something substantial so they don't have to acknowledge how superficial they're being. Rather than saying, "I hate seeing big bellies in crop tops". They say things like "that's so unhealthy". As though they really care about the health of the individual they're judging. They don't. If they did they would have just as many comments when they see a slim person eating a burger. Now here they are doing the same thing with Lizzo.

They're saying, "it's an inappropriate outfit to wear around children." When what they really mean is, "I don't like seeing the butt if a large bodied person.". -Nyemade,

Cheerleaders at these same ball games are frequently barely covered up. They have extremely short shorts, ample cleavage, and perform overtly sexual dance moves. Where's the outrage there? What about the children seeing that? No one cares when it's in an "acceptable" body. Lizzo will always do and wear what she wants regardless of how people feel about here. That's why she's an inspiration. If anyone is upset by what they're seeing perhaps they should take a moment to figure out where their internalized fatphobia is coming from so they can begin to address it.

Now, if you just didn't care for the fashion of it all that's different. To each his own. But if you're really upset because it was so "indecent" but you don't find yourself upset at the outfits of others just because they're slimmer then it might be time to check yourself.

Written by Nyemade Boiwu

She's the creator of @nationalplusguide an IG page geared towards sharing all things plussize positive with a directory website coming soon! Follow her on IG @thatafricanbutterfly to stay update on her recent activites. You can also catch her "Thursday Thoughts" where she posts weekly IGTV videos to discuss various topics like the one she wrote about above. Learn more about Nyemade by visiting her website:

With contributions from Candace Smith

Candace Smith is the creator of Phatabulous Magazine. Phatabulous Magazine is a digital publication that promotes, celebrates, uplifts,and spotlights the plus size men and women in everything they do.

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