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H.O.P.E for Detroit

Dynamic duo Aisha Doggette and Yvonne Wilson kicked off their very first womens conference in Detroit last weekend with a smashing success.

The H.O.P.E Conference (which stands for Helping Our Sisters Pursue Excellence) was created to be a safe space for women to share their struggles and connect with other women that can give them strategies to get out of whatever they are going through.

The speaker list included singer, songwriter Jill Govan who will spoke about using your talents for Christ; domestic abuse survivor and now advocate and counselor, Kelly Mays, Shelly Govan and Emily Schott.

There were also vendors, and awesome giveaways for guests- our team loved the goodie bags to go!

The event did not limit itself to a particular audience as men and women of various ages were present. Also, the food section was immaculate. There was a clear distinction between the vegan and vegetarian options, so if you have any dietary concerns or restrictions the H.O.P.E conference has you covered!

As Aisha and Yvonne delivered their closing address, everyone in the room was captivated by their passion and their authenticity. While they continue their journey to bring hope to the broken hearted, Flyy Girl Adventures pledges to continue uplifting and supporting them and we encourage you to do the same!

This review was submitted by Joy, Outreach Coordinator for

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