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Twice as Flyy: Celebrating My 2nd FlyyGirl Fashion Show in Mexico!

The FlyyGirl New Year's Eve fashion show brought together talented models, designers and visionaries from all over the world, making it an event for all to enjoy. Thanks to the hard work of LV Manangement, Mexpats, Wise Hustlers, MUST Model Agency and yours truly, this was not just a fashion show, but a celebration of diversity, style and new beginnings! Photos by Wise Content

Happy New Year FlyyFam! I don't know about you but my 2024 is already off to a great start! We kicked it off with the FlyyGirl Fashion Show at the BE Playa Hotel in Playa del Carmen Mexico with models and designers from all different backgrounds and experience levels.

My goal was to curate a one of a kind experience for my models, designers and attendees that gave them the opportunity to truly be themselves but also strut and slay for New Year's Eve.

How did I do?

The Road to the FlyyGirl Fashion Show:

We had models of different ages, sizes, and experience level, thanks to the LV Management team and our partners at MUST Model Agency. We held 3 in person casting calls in Cancun and Playa del Carmen and 2 virtual castings via TikTok and Instagram.

For many, this was their first time stepping foot on the runway, but they still showed up and gave it their all. The only instructions I gave was to wear black and come ready to slay- even at the casting call, these models did not disappoint!

Out of the 57 models who casted for the show both virtually and in person, 19 amazing models were chosen to light up the runway for New Year's Eve and they did just that!

In contrast to my first show in Mexico, which had 5 designers, this show only had two- FlyyGirl Dresses by me and the Wise Hustlers brand. While I enjoyed the previous collaboration with a variety of designers, this minimalist fashion show model worked seamlessly and allowed for more flexibility for both the designers and the models to put their best foot forward on the runway.

The Wise Hustler Experience:

Teaming up with Dontae Harris from Wise Hustlers added an air of "coolness" to my show. Wise Hustlers is an urban streetwear brand based out of Philadelphia, PA whose empowering slogan, "The Wiser you are, the better you become"encourages people of all backgrounds to keep an abundance mindset and always move forward.

The Wise Hustler brand has been featured in 50+ fashion shows all over the US, and this was his 2nd time having his designs in the FlyyGirl Fashion Show. His motivational vibes kept us all energized... including yours truly!

What do you think of the Wise Hustler brand? Would you rock it?

FlyyGirl Dress Company's NYE Collection:

As a new designer on the scene, it was really important to me that I showed something different in my collection than what I was seeing in the store. I also was very deliberate during the production process, making each piece with the specific model in mind.

As a result, my FlyyGirl Dresses not only had sparkle, and color but each dress perfectly complimented each models skin tone in the most beautiful way.

This FlyyGirl Dress collection celebrated the pizazz and flair of New Year's Eve offering a myriad of beautiful colors ranging from bright pink to earthy green and more. I put a lot of intention in my designs and the models bodied every look to a T!

A FlyyGirl Gives Back:

A portion of all the sales generated from this show went directly to my girls organization FlyyGirl Fly which is all about empowering girls ages 7-17 with the tools, training, mentorship and positive peers needed to fly confidently into their dreams!

I started this Detroit based organization back in 2017, and we have come so far! Currently FlyyGirl Fly serves as a language immersion program in Mexico that aims to bring English speaking girls and Spanish speaking girls together in a fun yet educational environment where they can improve their language speaking skills and also learn the importance of following their dreams!

For more information about FlyyGirl Fly and how you can be involved, click here:)

MUST Model Agency:

One big highlight was teaming up again with MUST Model Agency from Guadalajara. They're all about showcasing models from around the world and putting them on a global stage. For more info about MUST Model Agency, click here.

MEXPATS Collaboration:

This event would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Rodrigo Sagastegui, founder of the Mexpats Network. His organization aims to bring digital nomads together in a space where they can network and connect with local business' in Playa. His weekly meetups draw people from all diverse backgrounds and help to foster a sense of community with people that need it the most. Check out his digital magazine, What's Up Playa to stay updated on all the digital nomad news in Playa del Carmen!

What's Next: FlyyGirl Summer

I'm already looking forward to sharing my Summer Collection with you all which is currently looking like a beautiful symphony of neutrals, denim and subtle yet impactful color hues. I can't wait to share with you all! If you are interested in modeling, designing, sponsoring or attending the FlyyGirl Summer Fashion show, please fill out the form below!

In the end, the 2nd FlyyGirl Fashion Show wasn't just about fashion and design; it was about giving these great models and designers a stage to others to follow their dreams. Thanks again to everyone involved, and stay tuned for more FlyyGirl magic!

Join the FlyyFam!

“The journey of one thousand miles starts with just one step“

-Oprah Winfrey


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