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A Triumph of Collaboration: The FlyyGirl Fashion Show in Mexico

It was a weekend to remember in Playa del Carmen! Enjoy this recap of the FlyyGirl Fashion Show- photography by Wise Content & Photos ABI

Simply put, the FlyyGirl Fashion show took Playa del Carmen by storm. No one expected what unraveled at the Fives Rooftop as the FlyyGirl Experience joined forces with MUST Model Agency, High Vibes Playa, models & designers from all over the world to orchestrate an amazing fashion show that was a literal testament of what happens when we all come together.

Against the picturesque backdrop of Fives Rooftop, offering an unparalleled view of the ocean and surrounded by inviting infinity pools, August 13th was the beginning of something beautiful. This wasn't just a fashion show – it was a harmonious blend of creativity, unity, and personal style that resonated with every soul present.

The true architect of this event was none other than the FlyyGirl herself. FlyyGirl possesses a unique knack for turning dreams into reality, shaping events that are more of a experience than anything.

She did everything from marketing the event, sourcing the models & designers, hosting a casting workshop/ for aspiring models, designing clothes for her brand stepping in to prepare the models hair, to even modeling in the show at the last minute!

With her at the helm, the FlyyGirl Fashion Show transcended expectations, leaving an long lasting mark on the Playa del Carmen fashion scene .

And let's not forget the secret ingredient that made this fashion soirée even hotter: MUST Model Agency, all the way from Guadalajara, Mexico. These modeling pros brought their A-game, sending stunning models down the runway. Their elegance and allure added that extra oomph to the whole vibe, setting the night on fire.

A few days prior to the Fashion Show at the Fives, a casting call and model workshop was held at the Kayak Luna hotel, where aspiring models of all shapes and sizes, some who had never walked before, came out to be trained by the collaborative efforts of FlyyGirl, MUST Model Agency, and the visionary mind behind the Wise Hustlers clothing brand, Dontae Harris. With their guidance, these models learned to stand tall and walk with confidence!

On the day of the event, no one in the room could tell who had modeled before because the models from Playa del Carmen blended in seamlessly with the professionalism of the models from MUST Model Agency.

This was a testament to the empowering training they received and the spirit of unity that illuminated the runway at the heart of the FlyyGirl Fashion Show.

This was also a collaboration with the High Vibes Playa Entertainment Group. Each month they throw a pool party at the Fives Rooftop with a DJ that attracts clients far and wide. With Mr Bassie's beats in the air, the runway became a stage of dreams against the stunning backdrop of Fives Rooftop.

Dontae Harris: Unleashing Wisdom Through Streetwear

Starting his journey at the tender age of 15, this Philly native kick-started Wise Hustlers – a brand that's all about personal growth and empowerment.

With the mantra, "The Wiser you are, the Better you Become," his designs rocked the runway and resonated with anyone seeking growth and self-improvement.

His brand has lit up more than 50 runways across the US & this was his international debut, making it a major milestone in his journey.

Chrissy of Christyles Closet: Custom Magic for Your Wardrobe

Straight from the vibrant streets of Philadelphia, Chrissy of Christyles Closet brought her unique magic to the runway.

With years of experience under her belt, she's been creating custom masterpieces that include everything from killer swimwear to jaw-dropping dresses.

Divine Goddess Vibes: Turning Accessories into Art

Let's talk accessories – but not just any accessories. Divine Goddess Vibes took bags, purses, headscarves, and beach cover-ups and turned them into wearable art.

These pieces exuded elegance, and those wings on the beach cover-ups? They weren't just stylish; they symbolized empowerment and individuality.

Sandra of Brava Playa: Coastal Flair in Hat Couture

Sandra from Brava Playa in Guadalajara brought the coastal paradise straight to our hearts with her exquisite hat creations.

One might say, her hats are a vibe!

Vryalandi of The Dark Beach: Where Chic Meets Coastal

From Monterrey, Mexico to the sandy shores of Playa del Carmen, Vryalandi, the creative genius behind The Dark Beach, made waves with her swimwear and women's wear.

Each piece was a confident statement, encouraging women to embrace their unique beauty while blending urban chic with coastal allure.

FlyyGirl Dresses: The Stunning Finale

As the night unfolded, FlyyGirl Dresses took center stage, showcasing a captivating collection of beautiful skirts, elegant evening gowns, and stunning two-piece sets.

This grand finale perfectly embodied FlyyGirl's design philosophy, weaving beauty, style, creativity into every single piece as models of all ages, sizes experience levels strutted down the runway in her beautiful designs!

Diversity, Unity, and Fashion: The FlyyGirl Effect

This wasn't just a fashion show. It was the beginning of a movement. FlyyGirl brought together models of all ages sizes and shapes. She created the most innovative dream teams of all time - uniting first time models with a professional modeling agency, clothing brands with accessory designers and an event production company united under the same purpose - the love of fashion!

The next FlyyGirl Fashion show will be on New Years Eve in Playa del Carmen. We're excited to showcase yet again the spirit and the vibe that exists when we all come together! If you are interested in modeling, being a designer, sponsoring the show or just attending the show, fill out the form below to stay updated!

“The journey of one thousand miles starts with just one step“

-Oprah Winfrey

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