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Ten Commandments for FlyyGirl Models

This post was written in collaboration with plus size model and pose queen, Lady Blu The following photos are part of a larger collaboration that I did with other Baltimore area models. If you want to see if you have what it takes to be a FlyyGirl model, you don't want to miss out on this post!

THOU SHALL BE CONFIDENT! This is the number one golden rule. The modeling world can be a cutthroat industry! You aren't going to get selected at every casting call! You might not always love the selected wardrobe for the shoot and countless people with body image issues often times unintentionally project their issues onto others. A FlyyGirl model knows how to block out all the noise and focus on the work. In order to make it out alive it is imperative that you first believe in yourself and your ability!

Thou shall practice poses in the mirror everyday. Knowing your body & its angles helps with flawless photos and will make you even more confident at your shoot!

Thou shall invest in your camera phone! If you already have an iphone you are set on the camera, if not, go buy one! The quality of your photos is important because it shows that you are committed to producing an excellent finished product. Additionally, you should purchase a tripod ,remote shutter and ring light for your phone. Buying these items will allow you to have a quality photo shoot everyday and get more comfortable with your poses without having to hire a photographer.

Speaking of hiring a photographer- PAY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! Finding a photographer with a good eye and a great vibe is rare, so once you find one PAY THEM WHAT THEY ASK FOR and continue to build a relationship with them! I promise you, it's totally worth it!

Thou shall be open to new ideas and poses. Yes, you planned your outfit, location, and makeup set- but things happen! Be open to suggestions from your photographer. From time to time try new poses.

THOU SHALL NETWORK! When you are at casting calls, introduce yourself! When you are at a photo shoot, don't be standoffish, this is an opportunity for you to promote yourself for the next shoot! When you are in a fashion show, make a point to get to know the designers you are walking for, you never know they might need you to showcase their work at a later time!

Thou shall not be ashy! Make sure you lotion prior to your photoshoot. Even the best photographers can't edit out dry skin!

Thou shall have patience! Everything won't go smoothly and sometimes nerves will come into play. These are the moments you take a breath and focus on what you can do. Be positive at all times, especially during a shoot. The camera will catch that negativity and your pictures will show it! Always bring the good vibes and be prepared to be flexible!

THOU SHALL REPRESENT YOURSELF. This what makes the difference between people that consider themselves models and those who have not realized it yet. A model knows that they can wear a brown paper bag and rip the runway up while the average person believes that their outfit is the most important. Remember YOU are wearing the clothes, not the other way around.

No matter where you go or what you do, someone is always watching. We are not suggesting that you need to be fake and self conscious all the time, but hold your head up high, straighten your shoulders and walk with confidence- regardless of what you are wearing! You are a FlyyGirl Model now!

Join the FlyyFam "The biggest adventure you can take is to live a life of your dreams"- Oprah Winfrey

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