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To my siblings, with love...

According to the social media calendars, today is National Siblings Day. In my family, we try our best to acknowledge and show each other love every single day, so why not a little more love today? WARNING: Sappy post to follow!

Headed to our family vacation to the Dominican Republic! My brother made these shirts for us by the way!

Being a big sister has truly been one of life's greatest joys. I remember when I was the only child literally BEGGING my parents to have more kids so I could have someone to play with. They told me to pray. So I did. My little 5 year old self prayed every night for a little sister so I could play dress up with her, comb her hair and paint her nails...

Then my little brother Elijah was born. God sure does have a sense of humor! Even though he wasn't the precious little sister that I prayed for, Elijah quickly proved himself to be a worthy member of the sibling squad. We went from fighting over the remote at Grandaddy's house (I always won btw) to becoming spring break travel buddies every year til I broke my leg and was unable to go anymore. Name a spring break destination in Florida- we have been there!

Elijah and the car I wouldn't let him drive Spring Break 2014 in Daytona, Florida

Elijah inspires me daily with his determination and confidence. He never settles for less than he deserves in any area of life- which is an admirable quality in a world that pushes you to compromise at every turn. Elijah is a banker, budding music artist, and future owner of several successful business. Check out his most recent business venture, Covenant Creations here and his mixtape, Negus Origins here:)

Debra and I in Cabarete for NYE 2016, she saved me from spending my birthday alone!

Three years later, after begging my parents and praying as hard as an 8 year old could, my gorgeous little sister Debra was born. Debra was literally everything I wanted in a little sister. I was living my best life painting her nails, doing her hair, planning princess parties for her and teaching her every girlie thing I knew. It was like having a real life baby doll- she was literally perfect in every way possible. One thing I admire about Debra is her kind and loving heart, she would give you the shirt off her back if she could.

The squad and I in front of Obama's White House... we were secretly trying to sneak Sasha and Malia out to turn up with us!

Debra is an accomplished singer and songwriter that has performed all over the country. She is all about giving back to the community in any way that she can. To that end, Debra has started a non profit called Lead the Way that has raised over $2,500 for children in Detroit & Philadelphia. Currently she is raising money for a scholarship fund for one lucky High School senior in Detroit. Click here for more information on the Dream Scholarship and how to contribute!

Charity and I on a college tour in Pittsburgh, SO HAPPY she decided to go to school in Cali!

So at 12, I was pretty satisfied on the sibling front. Elijah and I were kicking it at the soccer field, Debra and I were having the best princess tea parties- life was great. Little did I know, my life was gonna get turnt up a few notches. On March 12th 2001, my baby sister Charity Joy was born and my life has truly never been the same. Charity was the strong-willed, independent, fiesty, incredibly intelligent sister that I never knew I needed. In contrast to Debra, she NEVER let me touch her hair! (Which, if I'm being honest has left me scarred to this day:)

Chinatown DC 2014

At such a young age, Charity has accomplished SO much; she's been to Harvard, won about 25K in less than 10 mins from the Detroit Pistons, she is on the communications board for her college, she knows every single Beyonce song backwards and forwards, and did I mention that she lives all the way in sunny California? Nine times out of ten she will find the cure for cancer- you heard it here first folks!

Times Square New Years Eve 2015

So as yal can see, I really don't need to have kids haha. My sibs are my babies. They inspire me every single day and I am so proud to be their big sis!

Don't mess with my babies!

All my love,

Your Big Sis


"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

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