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Flyy Girl & Adventure Bae take Bushkill Falls

Updated: Apr 1, 2018

One day while driving down I-76 in Pennsylvania, my sister and I randomly decided to explore Bushkill Falls, which is a breathtaking forest of eight waterfalls tucked away in the Pocono Mountains.

Now if you are thinking that you can just drive to Bushkill Falls, hop out the car, take a few pix and be on your merry way- you thought wrong.

THIS IS A REAL COMMITMENT. THEM STEPS AIN'T NO JOKE! It seemed like everytime I walked down a flight of stairs there was another five flights to descend!

My sister is a natural risk-taker, so she left me catching my breath on the never ending steps and took the road less traveled that was marked "For expert hikers only". I decided to play it safe because I value my life haha. For a minute, I thought she was lost, but luckily whatever swamp monster that tried to kidnap her in the woods gave her back. We are all so blessed. :)

What a blessing to have the chance to see so much unfiltered beauty with our own eyes! We arrived as the park was closing, but If I were to go back again, I would pack a blanket, lunch and my camera to make a day trip out of it.

Check out the video I made about our adventure in Bushkill Falls!

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